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~Graduation soon~!~

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Yet another long hiatus..

In the blink of an eye, I am graduating soon. Time seems to have played a trick on me. It seems like yesterday, I was prepping myself mentally to endure the one and half years of "poor student life". *sigh*

Job hunting is no easy feat. Fine. Let me rephrase that, finding a direction for my next career is tough. Exceptionally tough when I am not too sure of what I want - yet. As I always say, "if you don't know what you want, at least be clear of what you don't want".

Turning a year older next month... It's kind of depressing when your friends seem to know what they're doing while you're still figuring your way out. Hmm.. someday, I will iron things out and climb up the corporate ladder. In the mean time, I shall ponder what I shall do for my day next month.

Itching for a short getaway~

:: qinghui :: 1:32 AM ::


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Whoops! Just popped by after a million years and realized the cobwebs here!

Just in case you didn't know, i'm currently madly in love with this MBLAQ!!!
Hahaha do check out the playlist on the left :DD

im sooooooo loving their songs...

:: qinghui :: 11:03 PM ::


Monday, October 04, 2010

Desmond!? what are you doing there?
You're wanted at "Far Far Away Land"..

:: qinghui :: 11:28 PM ::


Friday, August 13, 2010

I did it again?

Oh gosh. i will updating this dead space soon.

Here's some food for thought ( to occupy this space):
- How halal is our "Newater"?
- Is there more or less stuffs money can't buy?

:: qinghui :: 12:53 AM ::

~NSQH asked me to blog~

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Okay, i admit i have been trying very hard to blog. Sometimes i will have an idea of what topic to touch on.

Anyway I think The Noose is really funny! It never fails to keep me laughing as it's just so nonsensically hilarious!

Michelle Chong is really multi-talented.
From Leticia the maid, to the NewsCaster, Barbarella many other character.
Plus from the 8Days interview, she dabbled in property and they provide a very healthy source of extra $$$. Not just property but also shares. Then again, when you invest property in Singapore, it is almost impossible not to earn from it!


Love them or hate them?
When I was a kid, "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away" was the line that i think of straight away when it is linked to apple.

Now, what do we think of when we hear apple?
Apple iPad? Or rather, the up and coming in July Apple iPhone 4.
The new iPhone 4 now has a 5 MP camera, with LED flash. Gone are the complaints of lousy battery as it will be given a new lease of 'life' with a bigger battery. The above are just a few of the changes from the current iPhone 3Gs.

Why hate them?
Just when you're starting to think that you will stay with iPhone 4 - forever.
iPhone 4G or maybe iPhone 4Gs comes along, promising what iPhone 4 doesn't have and on top of that - it is able to do everything better than iPhone 4 does. I am sure that doesn't sound very pleasing for those who plonked down a considerable sum last year.


It must have been a very small one then.
OH how wrong i was! I bet my reaction was almost similar to yours when you saw the photos and posts on STOMP reporting on the flood.
Goodness me! I pity all the shoppers hoping to get a great deal during the Great Singapore Sale.
All the cars stuck in the middle of the road and of course! Staffs and customers of Wendy's and other shops located at basement of Wheelocks'.

Anyway, guess what i got from the first day of IT FAIR?
I got myself a box of ROYCE chocolates. LOL how ironic.

YAYS! And Desmond helped me clinch a great deal at Sim Lim.. =)
One Birthday present down ;)

And yea, it's pink.

:: qinghui :: 9:06 PM ::

~Panasonic Lumix DMC-FP3 Review~

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FP3 Review

This is already confirmed! =D
Wheee seems like no purple yet...?
And LUMIX has not been taking part in the fair for a few years.

I would be very happy to receive a iphone fund!
Or someone to help me choose a cake ;)

:: qinghui :: 12:19 AM ::

~The Journey of Life~

Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's been a long time since i blogged and I hae made TREMENDOUS EFFORT to even get to this point - which is just typing what I wanted to say over here. Often, once I have taken the first step, the rest just comes naturally as one thing leads to another.

So what have I been up to these days?
I have been hopping around the East Side.
Thank god Tampines has 3 malls to keep me occupied..

Let's start with the basics and let the pictures do the talking!

The absolutely mouth-watering mango prawns from Geylang :DD

Okonomiyaki - aka Japanese 'pizza'

Grilled Shishamo - Pregnant fishes.
These tiny fishes have plenty of eggs in their belly that gives a very crunchy texture when you chew on it. The eggs would burst with every bite!

It's just grilled with some salt on the fish.
Seems very easy to DIY at home. Maybe i should try some day when I'm bored!

Fruit Tart!

the KFC egg tart!

food,egg tart
It looks like the Portugese egg tarts. Personally, i wouldn't care what kind of egg tart it is!
What's important is that it taste nice! (:

food des ikea
That's Desmond eating chicken wings and that plate of almost finished meat balls!
Thank you Eden for the treat.

Hahaha hope the IKEA stuffs are still working fine!

food FHA
Nougat! =)
From FHA!

food drink perfect match teadot
Tea-dot serves nice tea.
I especially love this Perfect-match latte.
Just a whiff could kill you.
Ahh~ The fragrant smell of strawberries..

food banana choc cake
Pair it with a Chocolate Banana cake!
Very yummy!

Ma Maison.
Itallian hamburger steak!
Shall try the Beef stroganoff next time.
Seems really yummy!

What is your sky like?
Limitless? Cloudy? Sunny?

Rather foggy as there's a storm over the other side of Orchard Rd.
Photo taken at Orchard Central.

rainbow seng kang
Kites in the clear blue sky!
The rainbow is a nice addition but the lamp post totally =/ this picture

Was looking out of the window after dinner one fine day.
I definitely liked what i saw =)

The night scene outside Zirca.
Nsqh took this cause there's the ambulance.
It's not happening at all but you can always use your imagination to think of what could have happened.

Thank you Desmond!
LOL even though i forgot if this is for the 2 yr anniv or vday. =)

On my way from Bugis to tau huay.. Des and i came across this snail trying to cross the path way.
I speeded things up by bringing it across to the other side.
Hope that's where it wanted to go!

What have you done to cheer your Mummy dearest?

Desmond: THEN and NOW
me des

How can you blame people for failing to recognize you when the difference between the 2 is soo big?

Will update on the KTV session with 'Our Days' soon. =)
Good stuffs usually have a long waiting time!

Have a great weekend!
Hopefully the weather would stop being so extreme!



Not everything is in the East though.

:: qinghui :: 12:02 PM ::

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